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The purchase went smooth. I had a Spa treatment there a very long time ago and enjoyed it immensely! Hope my daughter gets the same treatment :)

(Janet C., 570 days ago)


(Nathan C., 1,102 days ago)

Great place---

(Don B., 1,449 days ago)

Very easy to do! Thank you! I love Spa on the Plaza. I am a regular customer of Vanessa's. Merry Christmas.

(Andrea K., 2,393 days ago)

Very easy to work with. Emailed for a reservation and was contacted in a timely manner. Thank you!

(Chris M., 2,460 days ago)


(Luca C., 2,721 days ago)


(Judith W., 2,763 days ago)

Very Professional and helpful. Had a great first time and will be back for many more.

(Branden J., 3,330 days ago)

great. thank you. let's hope my wife's first experience with you is as if not more enjoyable.

(David B., 3,688 days ago)


(Matthew M., 3,850 days ago)

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